System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Managing SMF Services (Task Map)



For Instructions 

Disable a service instance. 

Stops a running service and prevents the service from restarting. 

How to Disable a Service Instance

Enable a service instance. 

Starts a service. In addition, the service will be restarted during subsequent reboots. 

How to Enable a Service Instance

Restarting a service. 

Stops and starts a service with one command. 

How to Restart a Service

Restoring a service in maintenance state. 

Shows how to clean up and restart a service that is in maintenance state. 

How to Restore a Service That Is in the Maintenance State

Revert to a snapshot. 

Uses a previous snapshot to correct problems with a service. 

How to Revert to Another SMF Snapshot

Create an profile. 

Create a profile to disable or enable services as needed. 

How to Create an SMF Profile

Apply a profile. 

Uses the information in a profile to disable or enable services as needed. 

How to Apply an SMF Profile

Change the services and their configuration using the netservices command.

Uses the information in the generic_limited.xml or generic_open.xml profiles to disable or enable services and make configuration changes to those services, as well.

Changing Services Offered to the Network with generic*.xml