System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Restrictions on Using patchadd -R to Create an Alternate root Path

On systems that are running an Oracle Solaris release that is not zones aware, using the patchadd command, or any command that accepts the -R option to specify an alternate root path for a global zone that has non-global zones installed, does not work.

You can use of the -R option to add and remove software packages and patches, if the alternate boot environment has configured non-global zones, but no installed non-global zones.

To avoid a potential problem, restrict the use of the -R option for the creation of an alternate root path.

If you are running Oracle Solaris 10, you can alternately choose one of the following methods:

For more information, see the patchadd(1M), patchrm(1M), pkgadd(1M), and pkgrm(1M) man pages.