System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

ProcedureHow to Disable a Run Control Script

You can disable a run control script by renaming it with an underscore (_) at the beginning of the file name. Files that begin with an underscore or dot are not executed. If you copy a file by adding a suffix to it, both files will be run.

  1. Become superuser or assume an equivalent role.

    Roles contain authorizations and privileged commands. For more information about roles, see Configuring RBAC (Task Map) in System Administration Guide: Security Services.

  2. Rename the script by adding an underscore (_) to the beginning of the new file.

    # cd /etc/rcn.d
    # mv filename_filename
  3. Verify that the script has been renamed.

    # ls _*

Example 19–17 Disabling a Run Control Script

The following example shows how to rename the S99datainit script.

# cd /etc/rc2.d
# mv S99datainit _S99datainit
# ls _*