System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

x86: Boot Files

In addition to the run control scripts and boot files, there are additional boot files that are associated with booting x86 based systems.

Table 16–3 x86: Boot Files




Contains menus and options for booting the Oracle Solaris release. 


Contains files and directories needed to boot the system. 


DOS executable that loads the first-level bootstrap program ( into memory from disk.


DOS executable that loads the first-level bootstrap program ( into memory from diskette.


Directory that contains install scripts. Do not modify the contents of this directory. 


Directory that contains items for the boot subsystem. 


Loads the Solaris kernel or stand-alone kmdb. In addition, this executable provides some boot firmware services.


Prints the Oracle Solaris Operating OS on an x86 system and runs the Device Configuration Assistant in DOS-emulation mode. 


DOS executable for the Device Configuration Assistant. 


Text file that contains internationalized messages for Device Configuration Assistant (bootconf.exe).


Stores eeprom variables that are used to set up the boot environment.


Directory that contains the master file, a database of all possible devices supported with realmode drivers.


Directory that contains realmode drivers. 


DOS executable run during install time update (ITU) process.  


Obsolete directory. 


File associated with network booting. 


File that contains instructions on what load module to load and where in memory it should be loaded. 


DOS executable that loads the second-level bootstrap program into memory.