System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

ProcedureSPARC: How to Stop the System for Recovery Purposes

  1. Type the Stop key sequence for your system.

    The monitor displays the ok PROM prompt.


    The specific Stop key sequence depends on your keyboard type. For example, you can press Stop-A or L1-A. On terminals, press the Break key.

  2. Synchronize the file systems.

    ok sync
  3. When you see the syncing file systems... message, press the Stop key sequence again.

  4. Type the appropriate boot command to start the boot process.

    For more information, see the boot(1M) man page.

  5. Verify that the system was booted to the specified run level.

    # who -r
     .       run-level s  May  2 07:39     3      0  S

Example 14–1 SPARC: Stopping the System for Recovery Purposes

Press Stop-A
ok sync
syncing file systems...
Press Stop-A
ok boot