System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Turning Off Power to All Devices

You need to turn off power to all system devices when you do the following:

Turn off the power to system devices, including the CPU, the monitor, and external devices such as disks, tapes, and printers.

Before you turn off the power to all system devices, shut down the system cleanly, as described in the preceding sections.

ProcedureHow to Turn Off Power to All Devices

  1. Select one of the following methods to shut down the system:

  2. Turn off the power to all devices after the system is shutdown. If necessary, also unplug the power cables.

  3. After power can be restored, use the following steps to turn on the system and devices.

    1. Plug in the power cables.

    2. Turn on the monitor.

    3. Turn on disk drives, tape drives, and printers.

    4. Turn on the CPU.

      The system is brought to run level 3.