System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Procedurex86: How to Enter the Device Configuration Assistant

Solaris 10: This procedure shows how to interrupt the boot process to enter the Device Configuration Assistant. In the current Solaris release, the GRUB menu replaces the Device Configuration Assistant.

  1. Boot the system.

    • If you are booting from the Device Configuration boot diskette, the first menu of the Device Configuration Assistant is displayed after a few minutes.

    • If you are booting from the Oracle Solaris Software 1 CD, DVD, hard disk, or performing a PXE network boot, the following message is displayed:

      If the system hardware has changed, or to boot from a different
      device, interrupt the autoboot process by pressing ESC.
      Press ESCape to interrupt autoboot in 5 seconds.

      If you choose to enter the Device Configuration Assistant menu, press ESC to interrupt the autoboot process.

      The Device Configuration Assistant menu is displayed.

  2. If the system displays the Press any key to reboot prompt, press any key to reboot the system.

    You can also use the reset button at this prompt. If the system is shut down, turn the system on with the power switch.