System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

What's New in Oracle Solaris Management Tools?

These tools are new or changed as of the Oracle Solaris 10 initial 3/05 release:

For a complete listing of new features and a description of Oracle Solaris releases, see Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 What’s New.

The following table provides a brief description of new or changed management tools.

Table 1–1 New or Changed Management Tools in the Oracle Solaris Release

Solaris Management Tool 


For More Information 


This tool is no longer available. 




Alternative tools include the following:

  • Solaris Management Console to manage users, groups, terminals, and modems

  • Oracle Solaris Product Registry to manage software

  • Solaris Print Manager to manage printers





Setting Up User Accounts (Task Map)

Managing Software With the Oracle Solaris Product Registry GUI (Task Map)

Chapter 5, Setting Up Printers by Using LP Print Commands (Tasks), in System Administration Guide: Printing

Setting Up Terminals and Modems With Serial Ports Tool (Overview) in System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

Package and Patch Tools 

Starting with Oracle Solaris 10, the package and patch tools have been enhanced. Use the pkgchk command with the -P option instead of grep pattern /var/sadm/install/contents. The -P option enables you to use a partial path.

Package and Patch Tool Enhancements

Chapter 23, Managing Patches by Using the patchadd Command (Tasks)

Solaris Print Manager 

Expanded printer support in Solaris Print Manager includes the following features, which were introduced in Oracle Solaris 10:

  • Never Print Banner option

  • Support for raster image processor (RIP)

  • Support for PostScript Printer Description (PPD) files:

    • The -n option of the lpadmin command enables you to specify a PPD file when creating or modifying printers.

    • The Use PPD Files option in Solaris Print Manager enables you to specify a PPD file when creating or modifying printers.

    • The lpstat command output displays the PPD file for a print queue that uses a PPD file.

What’s New in Printing? in System Administration Guide: Printing