System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Adding and Removing Signed Packages by Using the pkgadd Command (Task Map)

The following task map describes software management tasks that you can perform with signed package commands.

Note –

The process of adding and removing signed packages by using the pkgadd command includes obtaining and applying a trusted certificate by using the keytool utility. Procedures that associated with using the keytool utility in this Oracle Solaris release are not described in detail in this chapter. For complete instructions on using the keytool utility to import and export trusted certificates, go to



For Instructions 

Print the details of one or more certificates. 

You can print the details of a certificate by using the pkgadm listcert command.

How to Display Certificate Information ( pkgadm listcert)

Remove a certificate. 

You can remove a certificate by using the pkgadm removecert command.

How to Remove a Certificate (pkgadm removecert)

Set up a proxy server. 

Use this procedures for systems that are set up behind a firewall with a proxy. 

How to Set Up a Proxy Server (pkgadd)

Add a signed package. 

After the root certificate is imported, you can add a signed package by using he pkgadd command.

How to Add a Signed Package (pkgadd)