System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Managing Users and Resources With Projects

Users and groups can be members of a project, an identifier that indicates a workload component that can be used as the basis of system usage or resource allocation charge-back. Projects are part of the Solaris resource management feature that is used to manage system resources.

Users need to be a member of a project to successfully log in to a system running the Solaris 9 release. By default, users are a member of the group.staff project when the Solaris 9 release is installed and no other project information is configured.

User project information is stored in the /etc/project file, which can be stored on the local system (files), the NIS name service, or the LDAP directory service. You can use the Solaris Management Console to manage project information.

The /etc/project file must exist for users to log in successfully, but requires no administration if you are not using projects.

For more information on using or setting up projects, see Chapter 2, Projects and Tasks (Overview), in System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones.