International Language Environments Guide

ProcedureHow to Use the Indic Input Methods

  1. Click the input status area to display the input method selection menu.

  2. Select an input method from the menu.

    Alternatively, you can press the F6 key to select from among the available input methods.

    You can also type the Compose-hi key sequence to select the input method that you used previously.

  3. Press the F5 key to select the Indic script you want to use.

    1. For the keyboard-based (indic INSCRIPT keyboard) input method, use the keyboard images shown in Indic Keyboards.

    2. For the phonetic lookup-based input method, type the first English phonetic equivalent character corresponding to the character in the target script.

      Select from a list of choices displayed in the lookup window.

    3. For the continuous phonetic input method, type in English phonetic equivalents continuously.

      The corresponding characters in the target script are displayed in the preedit and will be committed when subsequent input makes the preedit text unambiguous or by an explicit commit. Refer to figures given in Mapping for the Continuous Phonetic Based Input Method for illustrations of the mapping from the English tokens to the UTF-8 codepoints of the target script for the continuous phonetic input method.

  4. Press Control-spacebar to switch back to English/European input mode.

    Alternatively, click in the status area to select the English/European input mode from the input mode selection window.