International Language Environments Guide

Unicode Version 4.0 Support

This feature is included in the Solaris 10 3/05 release.

Unicode Version 4.0 introduces 1226 new characters over Unicode Version 3.2.

For more information about UTF-8 byte sequences on Unicode 3.2, see Unicode 3.2 and 4.0 Support in New Internationalization and Localization Features.

The UTF-8 character representation has been also changed to a more secure form. The UTF-8 Corrigendum was originally published in the Unicode Version 3.1 and later updated at the Unicode Version 3.2.

This feature also implements the more secure UTF-8 character representation and byte sequences in the iconv code conversions and the following OS-level multibyte functions:

For more information, see Unicode Standard 4.0 (ISBN 0-321-18578-1).