International Language Environments Guide

About Desktop Input Methods

CDE provides the ability to enter localized input for an internationalized application using Xm Toolkit. The XmText[Field] widgets are enabled to interface with input methods from each locale. Input methods are internationalized because some language environments write their text from right-to-left, top-to-bottom, and so forth. Within the same application, you can use different input methods that apply several fonts.

The preedit area displays the string that is being pre-edited. Writing text can be done in four modes:

In OffTheSpot mode, the location is just below the main window area at the right of the status area. In OverTheSpot mode, the pre-edit area is at the cursor point. In Root mode, the preedit and status areas are separate from the client's window.

For more details, refer to the XmNpreeditType resource description in the VendorShell(3X) man page.