International Language Environments Guide

Summary of the Oracle Solaris Locale Packages

All current Oracle Solaris locale packages are classified into either full locales or partial locales.

Partial locales are the enablers of the locales. With partial locales installed on the system, users can input, display, print text, and run applications on the target locales, while the OS/GUI messages in the Oracle Solaris operating system are English. All partial locale packages are available on the Oracle Solaris DVD. Japanese and Asian partial locales are packaged according to the language. Partial locales are packaged according to the geographic region.

Full locale packages include translations of software messages, online help files, optional fonts, and language-specific features. Full locale packages provide the full set of language features for many languages. All locales based on the following languages are full locales:

Full locale packages are packaged according to the language and are available on the Oracle Solaris DVD.

Note –

Partial locale packages (locale enablers) must be installed in order for the full locales to be functional.

During the Oracle Solaris installation process, you are prompted to choose which geographic regions' support you require. The locale support that is available after the installation is completed depends on the choices made at this stage. Note that the English locale ("C") is installed in any case.