International Language Environments Guide

User-Defined and User-Extensible Code Conversions

You can create user-defined codeset converters using the geniconvtbl utility.

This utility enables user-defined and user-customizable codeset conversions with a standard system utility and interface like iconv(1) and iconv(3C). This feature enhances the ability of an application to deal with incompatible data types, particularly data generated from proprietary or legacy applications. Modification to existing Oracle Solaris codeset conversions is also supported.

Sample input source files for the utility are available in the /usr/lib/iconv/geniconvtbl/srcs/ directory.

Once the user-defined code conversions are prepared and placed properly, users can use the code conversions from the iconv(1) utility and the iconv(3C) functions of both 32-bit and 64-bit Oracle Solaris operating system.