International Language Environments Guide

ProcedureHow to Create a Shared Object File

The examples in the following procedure how you how to create shared object files.

  1. To add a font, edit the lines of the following example that correspond to sections of the mp.conf file.

    This example shows how to add the TrueType font. The .so path points to the file.

    FontNameAlias   jis0201R TrueType /home/fn/HG-Minchol.ttf
    FontGroup     jis0201 TrueType jis0201R
    MapCode2Font  0x0020 	0x007f  jis0201
    CnvCode2Font   jis0201R 	 _ttfjis0201 <.so path>

    Note –

    To add a PCF font, change the keyword from TrueType to PCF.

  2. Invoke the mp command with the changed mp.conf file to print the range 0x0020-0x007f in the new font.

    You can map other Japanese character ranges with the same .so file, For example, you could map the range 0x0000FF61 0x0000FF9F.

    Note –

    To maintain backward compatibility, you can use the /usr/openwin/lib/locale/$LANG/print/ file to create output in the current locale. When you use the file, no configuration file is required.

    You can find a sample mp.conf file in the /usr/lib/lp/locale/en_US.UTF-8/mp directory.