International Language Environments Guide

dtterm, xterm and Terminals Capable of Input and Output of UTF-8 Characters

Unlike the older releases of the Oracle Solaris operating system, the dtterm and xterm terminal emulators and any other terminals that support input and output of the UTF-8 code set, do not need to have any additional STREAMS modules in their streams. The ldterm module is now codeset independent and supports Unicode/UTF-8 if you set up the terminal environment with the stty(1) utility.

To set up the proper terminal environment for the Unicode locales, use the stty(1) utility.

system% /bin/stty defeucw

To query the current settings, use the -a option of the stty utility, as shown below:

system% /bin/stty -a

Note –

Because /usr/ucb/stty is not internationalized, use /bin/stty instead.