International Language Environments Guide

FontSet Used with X Applications

For information about the FontSet used with X applications, please see Unicode Locale: en_US.UTF-8 Support.

Each character set has an associated set of fonts in the Oracle Solaris desktop environment.

The following is a list of the Latin-1 fonts that are supported in the current Oracle Solaris environment:

-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-xxs sans utf-10-100-72-72-p-59-iso8859-1
-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-xs sans  utf-12-120-72-72-p-71-iso8859-1
-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-s sans  utf-14-140-72-72-p-82-iso8859-1
-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-m sans  utf-17-170-72-72-p-97-iso8859-1
-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-l sans  utf-18-180-72-72-p-106-iso8859-1
-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-xl sans utf-20-200-72-72-p-114-iso8859-1
-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-xxl sans utf-24-240-72-72-p-137-iso8859-1

For information on CDE common font aliases, including -dt-interface user-* and-dt-application-* aliases, see Common Desktop Environment: Internationalization Programmer's Guide.

In the en_US.UTF-8 locale, utf is also included in the locale's common font aliases as an additional attribute in the style field of the X logical font description name. Therefore, to have a proper set of fonts, the additional style has to be included in the font set creation as in the following example:

fs = XCreateFontSet(display,
"-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-s*utf*",
 &missing_ptr, &missing_count, &def_string);