Korean Solaris User's Guide

Entering Special Symbol Characters

In the symbol input mode, you can enter non-Hangul/Hanja characters that you cannot type directly on the keyboard . Once you enter symbol input mode, the process you use to page through lookup choices and to make selections is the same as the one you use in Hanja lookup mode.

How to Enter Special Symbol Characters

  1. Press Control-spacebar to turn on Hangul input conversion.

  2. Press Control-J to turn on symbol input mode.

    The input method server displays a page of category choices and the status area indicates that you are in symbol input mode.

    The preceding context describes the graphic.
  3. Type the letter of a category for the page of choices you want to display.

    Category a is selected in the following figure. You can also scroll down the list of choices with the spacebar and press Enter to make a selection.

    The preceding context describes the graphic.
  4. Press Control-N six times in category you selected in previous step to see the following page.The preceding context describes the graphic.

  5. Type the letter k to commit the corresponding character of the page displayed in the previous step.The preceding context describes the graphic.