Korean Solaris User's Guide

Appendix B Mapping Korean Keyboard Functions

This appendix shows you how to configure a Sun Korean keyboard to make selected key functions.

You can use the xmodmap command to remap any key to function as the Compose or the AltGraph key. The following example command sequence makes the right Meta key function as the AltGraph key.

system% xmodmap -e "remove mod1 = Meta_R"
system% xmodmap -e "remove mod2 = Mode_switch"
system% xmodmap -e "add mod2 = Meta_R"
system% xmodmap -e "keysym Meta_R = Mode_switch" 

The following command sequence maps the left Meta key (♦) to the Compose key.

system% xmodmap -e "keysym Meta_L = Multi_key" 

The $OPENWINHOME/share/etc/keytables/Korea4.kt and $OPENWINHOME/share/etc/keytables/Korea5.kt files provide more information.