Simplified Chinese Solaris User's Guide

Dictionary Files

New QuanPin and New ShuangPin share two dictionary files: PyCiku.dat and Ud.Ciku.dat. In the zh_CN.EUC and zh_CN.GBK locale, the default path names are /usr/lib/im/locale/zh_CN/data/PyCiku.dat and /usr/lib/im/locale/zh_CN/data/UdCiku.dat.

Users cannot normally write to these files. However, because users can affect the way New QuanPin and New ShuangPin work through features such as frequency adjustment and user-defined phrases, you should update the dictionary files frequently.

A user's dictionary is normally located in ~/.Xlocale/PyCiku.dat or ~/.Xlocale/UdCiku.dat. The tilde (~) indicates the home directory of the user who starts the htt command. When you start New QuanPin and New ShuangPin input methods, the system locates and reads the dictionary files in the user's home directory. If a dictionary file is not found, the following system default path is used: