Simplified Chinese Solaris User's Guide

GB18030-2000 Character Set Support

The GB18030-2000 character set is a national encoding standard issued by the Chinese government in 2000. The encoding length set by the standard is one, two, or four bytes. GB18030-2000 includes 6,763 standard Simplified Chinese characters, 13,053 Traditional Chinese (Big5) characters, 3,000 characters used in Hong Kong, and 21,003 GBK characters. The Wubi input method supports the GB18030-2000 character set, which makes it working with the smaller character sets contained in GB18030-2000 easy. See Easy Character Set Switching.

For example, if you type the letters gigg and scroll pages to the end, you will find a GB18030 character shown in the following figures:

The preceding context describes the graphic.The preceding context describes the graphic.