Simplified Chinese Solaris User's Guide

The Localized CDE Desktop

The following desktop tools are available in this release. All of the tools can handle Simplified Chinese input and output.

Address Manager – Carries out remote operations and finds information about the systems and users on your network. This application can speed up such tasks as sending email, logging in remotely, and setting appointments on someone else's calendar.

Application Manager – Manages the tools and other software applications available on your system.

Audio Tool – Records, plays, and saves audio files in AU, AIFF, and WAV format.

Calculator – Mimics the function of a hand-held calculator.

Calendar Manager – Manages appointments and To Do lists. You can use this application to set and distribute appointment reminders.

Clock – Displays the current time in analog or digital format. You can control the display of local time with this application.

Console – Starts a dtterm terminal emulator as your workspace console window.

File Manager – Displays the files and folders on your system. You can move, copy, open, and delete files and folders with this application. You can also use the application to view the contents of your floppy diskettes and CD-ROMs.

Find Files – Enables you to search your system for files or folders that match specific search criteria. Your criteria might include, for example, the name, location, or the size of a file or folder you want to find.

Front Panel – Controls for access to applications and utilities and utilities on the system. The Front Panel is a centrally-located window that occupies all workspaces.

Help – Displays searchable help information for CDE.

Icon Editor – Enables you to create new icons or modify existing icons.

Image Viewer – Enables you to view, print, and save the contents of file types such as GIF, TIFF, JPEG, and PostScript. You can use the Snapshot function of this application to capture a picture of a window or another part of your screen. The picture is saved as a raster file in bitmap format.

Mailer – Handles the distribution, receipt of your electronic mail messages.

Performance Meter – Monitors various aspects of system performance.

Print Manager – Enables you to submit, view, and cancel print jobs. This application is the graphical front-end to the print command. It supports drag-and-drop file transfer operations.

Process Manager – Display the processes that are currently running on your workstation. The application enables to perform actions on the active processes.

Text Editor – Enables you to create and edit text files. The application is used in CDE tools such as the Mailer composition window.

Style Manager – Enables you to customize some of the visual elements and system device behaviors of your workspace environment, such as: colors and fonts, keyboard, mouse, window, and session start-up behaviors.

Terminal – Acts as an ASCII character terminal that you can use to enter UNIX® commands at a system shell prompt.