Simplified Chinese Solaris User's Guide

Part I Features Overview

This part introduces the features of the Simplified Chinese Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).

Chapter 1 Overview of Features

The Simplified Chinese Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) is the internationalization and the localization of the current Solaris Operating System and the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) window system.

This chapter describes the new features and the language support that are available in the Simplified Chinese Solaris release.

New Localized Features

New to this release is the Wubi input method, support for the 3.2 version of the Unicode Standard, and improvements to the mp print filter. This filter replaces the xetops and the xutops utilities.

Language Support

The current Solaris release builds inherent internationalization features into every localized product. Localization facilities support the ANSI C recommendations for internationalization and localization that define the locale and related categories.

Locale Attributes

A locale contains the culturally specific information and conventions of the language for a particular global region. Each process in the Solaris Operating System has the following set of locale attributes:

Simplified Chinese Locales

The Simplified Chinese Solaris Operating System provides simultaneous support for the locales in the following table. The locales look the same to the end user, but the internal character encoding is different.

Table 1–1 Simplified Chinese Locales



zh_CN.EUC (zh)

Simplified Chinese EUC (GB2312) 

zh_CN.GBK (zh.GBK)

Simplified Chinese GBK 


Simplified Chinese GB18030-2000 

zh_CN.UTF-8 (zh.UTF-8)

Simplified Chinese UTF-8 (Unicode 3.2) 

Simplified Chinese Code Sets

The following table lists supported code sets for each Simplified Chinese locale.

Table 1–2 Simplified Chinese Code Sets


Code Set 

zh_CN.EUC (zh)


zh_CN.GBK (zh.GBK)




zh_CN.UTF-8 (zh.UTF-8)


Simplified Chinese Input Methods and Fonts

The Simplified Chinese Solaris Operating System provides input methods and fonts for the locales shown in the lists and tables in this section.

The following input methods are supported for the zh locale:

The following input methods are supported for the zh_CN.GB18030 locale:

For a complete list of fonts supported for the Simplified Chinese locales, see Bitmap and TrueType Fonts.

Input Method Auxiliary Window

The input method auxiliary window supports the following functions.

Locale Categories

In the Simplified Chinese Solaris Operating System, you can use the following general and specific categories as defined by ANSI C for the Simplified Chinese and English locales:

For example, the Simplified Chinese and the English/ASCII locales have the LC_TIME category that defines the display of the time and date according to the cultural format, as well as the actual Simplified Chinese or English/ASCII characters used in the display.