Simplified Chinese Solaris User's Guide

BDF to PCF Conversion

You must convert BDF fonts to PCF format to make the fonts usable in Simplified Chinese Solaris applications.

How to Convert BDF Fonts to PCF Format

  1. Use the bdftopcf command to convert a BDF font to PCF format.

    system% bdftopcf -o myfont14.pcf myfont14.bdf
  2. Replace the BDF file in the following directory with the converted PCF file: $OPENWINHOME/lib/locale/locale-name/fonts

How to Install and Check the Edited Font

  1. Compress the .pcf font file and move it to your font directory.

    system% compress myfont14.pcf
  2. Run the following commands in your font directory.

    The .bdf file should not be in the font directory.

    system% cat >> fonts.alias
    system% mkfontdir
    system% xset +fp `pwd`
  3. Use a command line such as the following to view your font.

    system% xfd -fn Myfont-Medium14

All Simplified Chinese fonts have XLFD font names. You can use the xlsfonts utility to display the font names.

system% xlsfonts | grep gb2312