Programming Interfaces Guide

SCTP Stack Implementation

This section lists the details of the Solaris implementation of the IETF standard for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (RFC 2960) and the Stream Control Transmission Protocol Checksum Change (RFC 3309). The table in this section lists all of the exceptions from RFC 2960. The SCTP protocol in the Solaris operating system fully implements RFC 3309 and any section of RFC 2960 that is not explicitly mentioned in the table.

Table 8–3 Solaris SCTP Implementation Exceptions from RFC 2960

RFC 2960 Section 

Exceptions in the Solaris Implementation 

3. SCTP Packet Format 

3.2 Chunk Field Descriptions: Solaris SCTP does not implement the optional ECNE and CWR. 

3.3.2: Solaris SCTP does not implement the Initiation (INIT) Optional ECN, Host Name Address, and Cookie Preserving parameters. 

3.3.3: Solaris SCTP does not implement the Initiation Acknowledgement, Optional ECN, and Host Name Address parameters. 

5. Association Initialization 

5.1.2, Handle Address Parameters: Section (B), Optional Host Name parameter, is not implemented. 

6. User Data Transfer 

6.8, Adler-32 Checksum Calculation: This section has been rendered obsolete by RFC 3309. 

10. Interface with Upper Layer 

Solaris SCTP implements the IETF TSVWG SCTP socket API draft. 

Note –

The Solaris 10 implementation of the TSVWG SCTP socket API is based on a version of the API draft that was published at the time when Solaris 10 first shipped.