System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Preparing to Use a USB Mass Storage Device With vold Running

You can access information on removable media with or without using removable media services. For information on accessing information on removable media with GNOME's File Manager, see the GNOME desktop documentation.

After the USB device is formatted, it is usually mounted under the /rmdisk/label directory.

The device nodes are created under the /vol/dev directory. For more information on configuring removable storage devices, see rmmount.conf(4) or vold.conf(4).

The following procedures describe how to manage USB mass storage devices without vold running. The device nodes are created under the /dev/rdsk directory for character devices and under the /dev/dsk directory for block devices. Device links are created when the devices are hot-plugged. For more information, see scsa2usb(7D).

If the device cannot be identified by removable media services, then try to manually mount the device. First, use the rmformat command to identify the device path and then use the mount command to manually mount the device as superuser.

If the device is manually mounted, then you would unmount it using the umount command as superuser.

For more information about mounting and unmounting USB devices, see How to Mount or Unmount a USB Mass Storage Device Without vold Running.