x86 Assembly Language Reference Manual

Assembler Overview

The Solaris x86 assembler as translates Solaris x86 assembly language into Executable and Linking Format (ELF) relocatable object files that can be linked with other object files to create an executable file or a shared object file. (See Chapter 7, Object File Format, in Linker and Libraries Guide, for a complete discussion of ELF object file format.) The assembler supports macro processing by the C preprocessor (cpp) or the m4 macro processor. The assembler supports the instruction sets of the following CPUs:

Intel 8086/8088 processors 

Intel 286 processor 

Intel386 processor 

Intel486 processor 

Intel Pentium processor 

Intel Pentium Pro processor 

Intel Pentium II processor 

Pentium II Xeon processor 

Intel Celeron processor 

Intel Pentium III processor 

Pentium III Xeon processor 

Advanced Micro Devices Athlon processor 

Advanced Micro Devices Opteron processor