Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Creating a Boot Server on a Subnet With a CD Image

You must create an install server to install the Solaris software on a system from the network. You do not always need to set up a boot server. A boot server contains enough of the boot software to boot systems from the network, and then the install server completes the installation of the Solaris software.

ProcedureTo Create a Boot Server on a Subnet With a CD Image

  1. On the system you intend to make the boot server for the subnet, log in and become superuser.

    The system must include a local CD-ROM drive or have access to the remote Solaris 10 disc images, which are normally on the install server. If you use a name service, the system should be in the name service. If you do not use a name service, you must distribute information about this system by following your site's policies.

  2. Mount the Solaris 10 Software - 1 CD image from the install server.

    # mount -F nfs -o ro server_name:path /mnt

    Is the install server name and absolute path to the disc image

  3. Create a directory for the boot image.

    # mkdir -p boot_dir_path

    Specifies the directory where the boot software is to be copied

  4. Change to the Tools directory on the Solaris 10 Software - 1 CD image.

    # cd /mnt/Solaris_10/Tools
  5. Copy the boot software to the boot server.

    # ./setup_install_server -b boot_dir_path

    Specifies to set up the system as a boot server


    Specifies the directory where the boot software is to be copied

    Note –

    The setup_install_server command indicates whether you have enough disk space available for the images. To determine available disk space, use the df -kl command.

  6. Change directories to root (/).

    # cd /
  7. Unmount the installation image.

    # umount /mnt

Example 9–6 Creating a Boot Server on a Subnet With CD Media

The following example illustrates how to create a boot server on a subnet. These commands copy the boot software from the Solaris 10 Software for SPARC Platforms - 1 CD image to /export/install/boot on the system's local disk.

# mount -F nfs -o ro crystal:/export/install/boot /mnt 
# mkdir -p /export/install/boot 
# cd /mnt/Solaris_10/Tools
# ./setup_install_server -b /export/install/boot
# cd /
# umount /mnt

In this example, the disc is inserted and automatically mounted before the command. After the command, the disc is removed.

Continuing the Installation

After you set up the boot server, you must add the client as an installation client. For information about how to add client systems to install over the network, see Adding Systems to Be Installed From the Network With a CD Image.

See Also

For additional information about the setup_install_server command, see install_scripts(1M).