Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Insecure WAN Boot Installation Configuration

This security configuration requires the least administration effort, but provides the least secure transfer of data from the web server to the client. You do not need to create a hashing key, encryption key, or digital certificates. You do not need to configure your web server to use HTTPS. However, this configuration transfers the installation data and files over an HTTP connection, which leaves your installation vulnerable to interception over the network.

If you want the client to check the integrity of the data that is transmitted, you can use a HMAC SHA1 hashing key with this configuration. However, the Solaris Flash archive is not protected by the hashing key. The archive is transferred insecurely between the server and the client during the installation.

For a list of the tasks that are required to install with this configuration, see Table 13–2.