Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Syntax for Configuring Multiple Interfaces

You can configure multiple network interfaces in your sysidcfg file. For each interface that you want to configure, include a network_interface entry in the sysidcfg file.

You can use the network_interface keyword to configure multiple interfaces in the following ways.

In the same sysidcfg file, you can use DHCP to configure certain interfaces, while also specifying the configuration information for other interfaces in the sysidcfg file.

Example 6–7 Configuring Multiple Interfaces With the network_interface Keyword

In the following example, the network interfaces eri0 and eri1 are configured in the following way.

network_interface=eri0 {dhcp protocol_ipv6=no}
network_interface=eri1 {primary hostname=host1