Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Booting From the Network, General Problems

The system boots from the network, but from a system other than the specified install server.


An /etc/bootparams and perhaps an /etc/ethers entry exist on another system for the client.


On the name server, update the /etc/bootparams entry for the system that is being installed. The entry should conform to the following syntax:

install_system root=boot_server:path install=install_server:path

Also, ensure that only one bootparams entry is on the subnet for the install client.

The system does not boot from the network (network installations with DHCP only).


The DHCP server is not configured correctly. This error might occur if the system is not configured as an installation client on the DHCP server.


In the DHCP manager software, verify that installation options and macros are defined for the client system. For more information, see Preconfiguring System Configuration Information With the DHCP Service (Tasks).