Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Create the /etc/netboot Hierarchy

Create the wanclient-1 subdirectories of the /etc/netboot directory on the WAN boot server. The WAN boot installation programs retrieve configuration and security information from this directory during the installation.

wanclient-1 is located on the subnet, and has a client ID of 010003BA152A42. To create the appropriate subdirectory of /etc/netboot for wanclient-1, perform the following tasks.

wanserver-1# cd /
wanserver-1# mkdir /etc/netboot/
wanserver-1# chmod 700 /etc/netboot
wanserver-1# chown nobody:admin /etc/netboot
wanserver-1# exit
wanserver-1# su nobody
nobody# mkdir -p /etc/netboot/
nobody# chmod 700 /etc/netboot/
nobody# chmod 700 /etc/netboot/