Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

(Optional) Providing Configuration Information With a DHCP Server

If you use a DHCP server on your network, you can configure the DHCP server to supply the following information.

You can use the following DHCP vendor options in your WAN boot installation.


Specifies the IP address of the network's proxy server


Specifies the URL of the wanboot-cgi program on the WAN boot server

For information about setting these vendor options on a Solaris DHCP server, see Preconfiguring System Configuration Information With the DHCP Service (Tasks).

For detailed information about setting up a Solaris DHCP server, see Chapter 14, Configuring the DHCP Service (Tasks), in System Administration Guide: IP Services.

To continue with your WAN boot installation, see Chapter 14, SPARC: Installing With WAN Boot (Tasks).