Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Task Map: Installing a Client With WAN Boot

The following table lists the tasks you need to perform to install a client over a WAN.

Table 14–1 Task Map: Performing a WAN Boot Installation



For Instructions 

Prepare the network for a WAN boot installation. 

Set up the servers and files that are required to perform a WAN boot installation. 

Chapter 13, Preparing to Install With WAN Boot (Tasks)

Verify that the net device alias is set correctly in the client OBP.

Use the devalias command to verify that the net device alias is set to the primary network interface.

To Check the net Device Alias in the Client OBP

Provide keys to the client 

Provide keys to the client by setting OBP variables or entering key values during the installation. 

This task is required for secure installation configurations. For insecure installations that check data integrity, complete this task to provide the HMAC SHA1 hashing key to the client. 

Installing Keys on the Client

Install the client over a wide area network. 

Choose the appropriate method to install your client. 

To Perform a Noninteractive WAN Boot Installation

To Perform an Interactive WAN Boot Installation

To Perform a WAN Boot Installation With a DHCP Server

To Perform a WAN Boot Installation With Local CD Media