Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Solaris Flash Archives (Creation and Installation)

Solaris Flash Archive Sections

Solaris Flash archives contain the following sections. Some sections can be used by you to identify and customize the archive and view status information on the installation. For a further description of each section, see Chapter 5, Solaris Flash (Reference).

Table 2–1 Flash Archive Sections

Section Name 

Informational Only 


Archive cookie  

The first section contains a cookie that identifies the file as a Solaris Flash archive.

Archive identification  


The second section contains keywords with values that provide identification information about the archive. Some identification information is supplied by the archive software. Other specific identification information can be added by you by using options to the flar create command.



This section follows the identification section. You can define and insert these sections to customize the archive. The Solaris Flash archive does not process any sections that you insert. For example, a section could contain a description of the archive or perhaps a script to check the integrity of an application. 


This section is produced for a Solaris Flash differential archive and is used for validating a clone system. The manifest section lists the files on a system to be retained, added to, or deleted from the clone system. This section is informational only, lists the files in an internal format, and cannot be used for scripting. 

Predeployment, Postdeployment, Reboot 

This section contains internal information that the flash software uses before and after installing an OS image. Any scripts that you have provided are included in this section.  



This section contains messages about the archive creation. The section also records the activities of predeployment and postdeployment scripts. You can view the success of the installation in this section by writing a script to send output to this section. 

Archive files 

The archive files section contains the files that have been gathered from the master system.