Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Solaris Flash Archives (Creation and Installation)

Installing a Solaris Flash Archive With the Solaris Installation Program

To use the Solaris installation program to install a Solaris Flash archive, use the following procedure.

ProcedureInstalling a Solaris Flash Archive

  1. Begin the Solaris installation program and proceed through the panels until you reach the Specify Media panel. Continue with Solaris Flash installation.

    For the step-by-step procedures, see either of the following procedures.

  2. Specify the media you are using to install.

    1. Type the information that you are prompted to enter.

      Media Selected 


      DVD or CD 

      Insert the disc where the Solaris Flash archive is located. 

      Network File System 

      Specify the path to the network file system where the Solaris Flash archive is located. You can also specify the archive file name. 


      Specify the URL and proxy information that is needed to access the Solaris Flash archive. 


      Specify the FTP server and the path to the Solaris Flash archive. Specify the user and password information that allows you access to the FTP server. Specify any proxy information that is needed to access the FTP server. 

      Local tape 

      Specify the local tape device and the position on the tape where the Solaris Flash archive is located. 

      If you selected to install an archive from a DVD, CD, or from an NFS server, the Select Flash Archives panel is displayed.

    2. For archives that are stored on a disc or an NFS server, on the Select Flash Archives panel, select one or more Solaris Flash archives to install.

    3. On the Flash Archives Summary panel, confirm the selected archives and click Next.

    4. On the Additional Flash Archives panel, you can install an additional Solaris Flash archive by specifying the media where the other archive is located. If you do not want to install additional archives, select None.

  3. Click Next to continue the installation. Follow the steps to complete the installation.