Device Driver Tutorial

Building and Installing the Template Driver

This section shows you how to build and install the driver for a 32-bit platform. See Building a Driver and Installing a Driver for build and install instructions for SPARC architectures and for 64-bit x86 architectures.

Compile and link the driver. Use the -D_KERNEL option to indicate that this code defines a kernel module. The following example shows compiling and linking for a 32-bit architecture using the Sun Studio C compiler:

% cc -D_KERNEL -c dummy.c
% ld -r -o dummy dummy.o

Make sure you are user root when you install the driver.

Install drivers in the /tmp directory until you are finished modifying and testing the _info(), _init(), and attach() routines. Copy the driver binary to the /tmp directory. Link to the driver from the kernel driver directory. See Device Driver Testing Tips for more information.

# cp dummy /tmp

Link to the following directory for a 32-bit architecture:

# ln -s /tmp/dummy /usr/kernel/drv/dummy

Copy the configuration file to the kernel driver area of the system.

# cp dummy.conf /usr/kernel/drv