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User Commandsmultimode(1)


 multimode - allows you to execute multiple commands while preserving environment settings and remaining in the asadmin utility


 multimode [ --file filename ] [ --printprompt=true ] [ --encoding encode ] [ --terse=false ] [ --echo=false ]



Use multimode to process the asadmin commands. The command-line interface will prompt you for a command, execute that command, display the results of the command, and then prompt you for the next command. Additionally, all the asadmin option names set in this mode are used for all the subsequent commands. You can set your environment and run commands until you exit multimode by typing "exit" or "quit." You can also provide commands by passing a previously prepared list of commands from a file or standard input (pipe). You can invoke multimode from within a multimode session; once you exit the second multimode environment, you return to your original multimode environment.

This command is supported in local mode only.


reads the commands as defined in the file.
allows the printing of asadmin prompt after each command is executed. Set this option to false when the commands are piped or redirected from the standard input or file. By default the option is set to true.
specifies the locale for the file to be decoded.
indicates that any output data must be very concise, typically avoiding human-friendly sentences and favoring well-formatted data for consumption by a script. Default is false.
setting to true will echo the command line statement on to the standard output. Default is false.


 Example 1. Using multimode to execute multiple commands
example% asadmin multimode --file commands_file.txt

Where: example% is the system prompt. The multimode settings are executed from the commands_file.txt file.


command executed successfully
error in executing the command



export(1), unset(1)

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