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Application Server Utilitydeploytool(1m)


 deploytool - launches the deploytool utility to deploy, package, and edit your J2EE applications


 deploytool [--help] [--userdir user_directory] [--configdir configuration_directory]



Use the deploytool utility to deploy and package your J2EE applications and components, create and edit J2EE deployment descriptors, and create and edit J2EE Application Server specific deployment descriptors. If the application is not J2EE compliant, an error message is displayed.

Only one session of the deploytool utility can run with a specific user directory. A lock file is created to ensure that only one utility session is running. A message is displayed if a lock file is detected.


displays the arguments for launching the AssemblyTool.
identifies the user directory. The default user directory is .deploytool under your home directory. Only one deploytool session can be running per user directory. A lock file is created under the user directory to ensure that only one session of the deploytool is running. The deploytool utility uses this directory to store configuration information.
  • On Solaris, the default directory is at ~/.deploytool
identifies the configuration directory. The configuration directory is where the asenv.conf file is located.

On Solaris the asenv.conf can be found at:
  • Bundled installation: /etc/appserver
  • Unbundled installation: default is /etc/opt/SUNWappserver7 or user specified
  • Evaluation installation: AS_SERVER_INSTALL/config. Where AS_SERVER_INSTALL is the directory where you have installed the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.4 Application Server Beta 2.


 Example 1. Using deploytool
example% deploytool --userdir /myapplication --config_dir /myconfigdir

Where --userdir specifies the destination directory, and -config_dir identifies the configuration directory.




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