Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide


The BEGIN probe fires before any other probe. No other probe will fire until all BEGIN clauses have completed. This probe can be used to initialize any state that is needed in other probes. The following example shows how to use the BEGIN probe to initialize an associative array to map between mmap(2) protection bits and a textual representation:

	prot[0] = "---";
	prot[1] = "r--";
	prot[2] = "-w-";
	prot[3] = "rw-";
	prot[4] = "--x";
	prot[5] = "r-x";
	prot[6] = "-wx";
	prot[7] = "rwx";

	printf("mmap with prot = %s", prot[arg2 & 0x7]);

The BEGIN probe fires in an unspecified context. This means that the output of stack() or ustack(), and the value of context-specific variables (for example, execname), are all arbitrary. These values should not be relied upon or interpreted to infer any meaningful information. No arguments are defined for the BEGIN probe.