Java Desktop System Configuration Manager Release 1.1 Developer Guide

Header Elements: apt:template, resImport, helpImport

<!ELEMENT apt:template (resImport*, category)>
<!ATTLIST apt:template
    xmlns:apt CDATA #FIXED ""
    xmlns:oor CDATA #FIXED ""
    xmlns:xs  CDATA #FIXED ""
    xmlns:xsi CDATA #FIXED ""

<!ELEMENT resImport EMPTY><!ATTLIST resImport
    apt:packagePath NMTOKEN #REQUIRED

The root element template has two sub-elements: resImport and category, which are described in Structure Elements: category, page, section.

The resImport element is used to import resource files. All resource keys of the imported resource bundle are announced to the template. You have to import the resource to use its resource keys in, for example, the apt:label attributes. See Structure Elements: category, page, section. The apt:packagePath attribute specifies the location of the resource file using a path. The delimiter is a dot ("."). The file postfix (.properties) must not be specified, as well as the ISO language code (ISO-639) and the ISO country code (ISO 3166). The root directory of the path is the res directory located below the package directory. See also Localization.