Java Desktop System Configuration Manager Release 1.1 Installation Guide

Running the Console

You typically only need to stop and to restart the Java Web Console server when you want to register a new application.

Caution – Caution –

Before you start the Java Web Console for the first time, ensure that the Configuration Manager installation is completed. The Java Web Console will not run successfully until you have deployed at least one application in the console.

Out of the box, the Java Web Console supports Unix-based authentication and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). However, you can also configure other authentication mechanisms, such as LDAP authentication.

Note –

The default session time-out is 15 minutes. You can configure the time-out length with the smreg command. For example, to set the time-out length to 5 minutes, type smreg add -p -c session.timeout.value=5.

For more information on commands for the Java Web Console, see the smcwebserver and smreg man pages.