Java Desktop System Configuration Manager Release 1.1 Installation Guide

User Profile Mapping

To define the mapping between the LDAP user entries attributes and Configuration Manager user entities attributes, the User Profile mapping file must be edited. Each key corresponds to a Configuration Manager user attribute. A key can be assigned as a value to the name of an attribute in a user entry, as identified by the organizational mapping. Attributes which are used in the User/DisplayNameFormat setting must be assigned in the User Profile mapping. The key names and their default values are:

# inetOrgPerson.givenName
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/givenname = givenname
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/sn = sn
# inetOrgPerson.initials
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/initials = initials
# organizationalPerson.street
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/street = street,postalAddress,streetAddress 
# organizationalPerson.l (city)
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/l = l
# (state)
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/st = st
# organizationalPerson.postalCode
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/postalcode = postalcode
# country.c (country)
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/c = 
# organizationalPerson.o (company)
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/o = o,organizationName
# deprecated -- no LDAP corollary
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/position =
# organizationalPerson.title
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/title = title
# inetOrgPerson.homePhone
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/homephone = homephone
# organizationalPerson.telephoneNumber 
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/telephonenumber = telephonenumber
# organizationalPerson.facsimileTelephoneNumber
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/facsimiletelephonenumber = 
# inetOrgPerson.mail
org.openoffice.UserProfile/Data/mail = mail