Solaris Trusted Extensions Installation and Configuration for Solaris 10 11/06 and Solaris 10 8/07 Releases

ProcedureUse the Clone Zone Method in Trusted Extensions

Before You Begin
  1. Create a Solaris ZFS snapshot of the zone template.

    # cd /
    # zfs snapshot zone/zone-name@snapshot

    You use this snapshot to clone the remaining zones. For a configured zone that is named public, the snapshot command is the following:

    # zfs snapshot zone/public@snapshot
  2. For every zone that you want to create, double-click the Clone Zone action.

    Answer the prompts.

    New Zone Name:      Type name of source zone
    ZFS Snapshot:         Type name of snapshot
  3. Read the information in the dialog box.

    Zone label is <LABEL>
    zone-name is ready for booting
    *** Select Close or Exit from the window menu to close this window ***
  4. For each zone, run the Start Zone action.

    Start each zone before running the action for another zone.

  5. After the zones are created, check the status of every zone.

    1. Double-click the Zone Terminal Console action.

    2. Complete Verify the Status of the Zone.