Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions User's Guide

ProcedureHow to Change the Label of a Workspace

The ability to set workspace labels in Trusted Extensions provides a convenient means of working at different labels within the same session.

Use this procedure to work in the same workspace at a different label. To create a workspace at a different label, see How to Add a Workspace at a Particular Label.

Before You Begin

You must be logged in to a multilevel session.

  1. Change the workspace label of your current workspace.

    • In Trusted CDE, click mouse button 3 over the workspace button.

      From the menu, choose Change Workspace Label.

    • In Trusted JDS, click the window label in the trusted stripe.

      Click Change Workspace Label.

      Graphic shows the Change Workspace Label menu below the
window label in the trusted stripe.
  2. Choose a label from the label builder.

    The workspace label is changed to the new label. Windows and applications that were invoked before the label change continue to run at the previous label. The trusted stripe indicates the new label. In a system where labels are color-coded, new windows are marked with the new color. In Trusted CDE, the workspace button is color-coded. In Trusted JDS, the panel is color-coded.