Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions User's Guide

ProcedureHow to Determine the Label of a File

Usually, the label of a file is obvious. However, if you are allowed to view files at a lower label than your current workspace, the label of a file might not be obvious. In particular, the label of a file can be different from the label of the File Browser or File Manager.

  1. In Trusted CDE, use the File Manager to determine the label of the file.

    • In the File Manager, select the file, then choose the File -> Properties menu item.

      Read the value of the file's Sensitivity Label property.

    • Or, drag the file from the containing File Manager onto the desktop.

      The file icon displays the label of the file.

  2. In Trusted JDS, use the File Browser.

    Tip –

    You can also use the Query Label menu item from the Trusted Path menu.