Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide

Accessing Attributes

The following routines are used to access resource, property, and client attributes:

Status XTSOLgetResAttributes(Display *display, XID object, ResourceType type, XTSOLResAttributes *winattrp);

This routine returns the resource attributes for a window ID in winattrp. See the XTSOLgetResAttributes(3XTSOL) man page.

Status XTSOLgetPropAttributes(Display *display, Window window, Atom property, XTSOLPropAttributes *propattrp);

This routine returns the property attributes for a property hanging on a window ID in propattrp. See the XTSOLgetPropAttributes(3XTSOL) man page.

Status XTSOLgetClientAttributes(Display *display, XID windowid, XTsolClientAttributes *clientattrp);

This routine returns the client attributes in clientattrp. See the XTSOLgetClientAttributes(3XTSOL) man page.