Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures

Sharing Files From a Labeled Zone

In the Solaris OS, a non-global zone cannot share directories from its zone. However, in Trusted Extensions, a labeled zone can share directories. The specification of which directories in a labeled zone can be shared is performed in the global zone by using a directory that is outside the root path of the zone. For more discussion, see Global Zone Processes and Labeled Zones.


Also called the zone path. Is the path from the global zone to the labeled zone. Every directory under labeled-zone is labeled the same as the zone.


Also called the zone root path. Is the root path of a labeled zone from the perspective of the global zone. From the perspective of the labeled zone, this is the zone's root, the / directory. This path is not used by the global zone to administer the zone.

To share directories from a labeled zone, the global zone administrator creates and modifies the dfstab file in the /etc directory of the zone path:


This /etc directory is not visible from the labeled zone. This directory is distinct from the /etc directory that is visible from the zone:

Global zone view: /zone/labeled-zone/root/etc
Labeled zone view of the same directory: /etc

A dfstab file in this path does not enable labeled directories to be shared.

When the status of the labeled zone is ready or running, the files that are listed in the /zone/labeled-zone/etc/dfs/dfstab file are shared at the label of the zone. For the procedure, see How to Share Directories From a Labeled Zone.