Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration

Word Order Requirements

The order in which words are configured for sensitivity labels and clearances is not enforced. However, the order is important when setting up relationships between words. By convention, the WORDS in the SENSITIVITY LABELS section are arranged in increasing order of importance.

For the effect of word order, see Specifying Channels of Chapter 4, Labeling Printer Output (Tasks). Detailed information is provided in Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format.

If a compartment word is defined for one type of label (by assigning the compartment word to one or more bits) in the label_encodings file, then the same bits must be assigned to a word in the definition of the other types of labels. While all types of labels use the same classification names, the words that are used for each type of label can be different. The words can be different even when they are encoded with the same bits and literally refer to the same thing. Clearance labels can allow combinations of words that have been disallowed in the definitions for sensitivity labels words.